The sky’s the limit…. And this is the story so far!

My earliest memories of sketching take me back to a time, at the age of 10, sitting on my bed, filling pages on a sketchpad, drawing and colouring absolutely anything that came to my mind – cars, houses, people, make-believe landscapes. I remember this time so vividly because on one occasion, I was interrupted by my Dad, to be told that Elvis had died. Even at 10, this hit home. I think everyone knows what they were doing when Elvis died!

Having endured and survived school, I left with a Diploma in Civil Engineering, which was of no interest or use to me. I found myself with no career path, and while driving through my home town, I stopped to fill up on gas, and noticed a damaged fuel pump. I offered to repair this, and the garage owner agreed, and once he saw my work, he forwarded my name to the manager of a pump maintenance company responsible for fuel pump cladding across the country. Within weeks, I had almost more work than I could manage repairing and painting pumps. This marked the beginning of my work in graphic design and paintwork for Texaco, Shell, BP etc.

This work continued for 16yrs, at the end of which I began to feel burnt out and looked for a change and new outlet. That change came in the form of flying lessons and a subsequent private pilot license, and a yearning to develop this as a career. So I up and moved to pursue a commercial pilot’s license in Canada, and then onward to the USA where I had 9 exciting years flying different planes in different places.

The passion for art was re-born when I was approached to airbrush a Harley Davidson for a friend. At the time I was very nervous about the prospect of possibly ruining a $30,000 bike. Thankfully the owner was delighted with the finished work, which allowed me to use my own flair rather than pre designed delivery on petrol pumps.

The declining health of my father brought me home to N. Ireland in 2009. While helping out at home, I took a girlfriend’s shoes and began airbrushing my choice of design and put them up on Facebook, requests to paint shoes, wall murals, fine art, helmets, guitars and vehicles followed.

I get a buzz from taking someone’s initial thoughts of a concept and combining it with what I know I can do, to create a finished piece which makes both of us smile

The sky’s the limit…… this is my story so far!

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Soon we will be broadcasting live while I paint and we have Time Lapse movie’s coming as soon as I figure out this GoPro :).

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