Airburshed High Heels

Why high heels? Actually they were an accident that came about because my then girlfriend was going to throw out a pair of high heel shoes and I thought…..I could try painting those shoes. I knew how to airbrush realistic flames given my work on bikes and lorries so tried this design on the shoes. The finished shoes looked well and I posted the picture on Facebook. The reaction I got was phenomenal and inquiries started pouring in. Although those shoes looked well, the paint was not flexible enough to leave them wearable. I approached a friend who was a chemist in a paint factory and between us we formulated a paint that would be perfect for the shoes. Although the paint is.flexible, it is not bullet-proof. Too much flexing in the shoe will crack the paint. The solution to this is to use a more rigid shoe, such as that with a platform sole. This type of shoe also provides a larger working area. Requests for customized shoes have been made to match particular outfits, to mark special events such as weddings and birthdays. I have also done a range of iconic singers (e.g. Nathan Carter), movie stars (e.g. Marilyn Monroe) and other famous characters (e.g. Betty Boop). Some customers have requested dog’s portraits on their shoes & I have also airbrushed some fetish shoes. The shoes have gone to every corner of the world. So far I haven’t come across anything I’m unable to paint on shoes.

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  1. Carice says:

    I want a pair of John Deere High heels,is there anybway I could get a pair in South Africa

  2. Bianca says:

    I want a pair of audi high heels. Where i can pay there?

  3. Aniko says:

    Hallo! Can I have a price for the Audi high heels with the weapons? Thank you!

  4. Linda Costrau says:

    Hey how much cost one pair?

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